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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Mar 19, 2018

Education IT expert Bradley Chambers feels that Apple needs to do more than just offer less expensive iPads and Macs to education customers. Not all of the challenges are Apple’s fault, but it is their problem.



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Mar 16, 2018

Brian Roemmele believes the next undiscovered continent for voice-first computing is the ability to carry on complete dialogues between device and user. Looking beyond the recent soap opera, Siri is full of potential. But Apple needs to take it in the right direction.


Mar 15, 2018

HomePod shipped a month ago. How’s it holding up? Dave Mark from The Loop shares his experience with the device.



Mar 14, 2018

Apple just bought Texture, the all-you-can-read magazine app. But what does that mean for current Texture users (including on Android) and for Apple News? In the age of fake news, extremist click-bait, bots, and bubbles, will anyone really care about trusted sources and sustainable publishing? And how much does...

Mar 10, 2018

It’s not all roses in the walled garden, especially for independent developers. But there is hope.


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