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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Aug 1, 2018

There’s a new book coming out called Creative Selection about how Apple makes insanely great products. Now, this isn’t a promo. Ken’s not a sponsor. I got a review copy of the book early and I’ve read it twice already. It’s just that damn good. The first part deals with how Apple made the Safari web browser and WebKit from KHTML. And how the singular focus was — fast. Nothing. No code. No feature. Could be checked in if it slowed Safari down one bit. Zero regression, that was their holy Fremen war.

And it got me thinking just how fast you make Safari on iPhone and iPad today. Not just in terms of raw speed but convenience as well. And since I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for more tips videos as well, sharing made the kind of sense that does.

So, a few basics to start off with and make sure everyone, new and ninja, are up to speed, then some iOS 12 Shortcuts magic to bring us home.