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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Dec 12, 2018

Google gets a lot of attention and even affection for giving away free services in exchange for our personal, private data. Apple doesn’t want any of that. When you buy something from Apple, just like stickers and cables come in the box, hundreds of millions of dollars of educational programing and probably billions in free apps and services, everything you need to start exploring code and photography and video and music and much, much, more also comes invisibly in that box.

If you think Apple products are two expensive, this is where some of that money goes, so you should absolutely go, get in on all the free classes and training, and take that money back. Even if you’ve never bought an Apple product you can still take all of it, all for free.

It’s not just one of Apple’s biggest products, it’s one of the least know and least taken advantage of, especially when it comes to things like Field Trips for schools and Apple Camp for kids, so make sure you let your friends know, let your schools know, let everyone know. Pick some classes, get some people together, and go, go go.


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