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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Jan 17, 2019

"In 2019, it’s time to stand up for the right to privacy—yours, mine, all of ours. Consumers shouldn’t have to tolerate another year of companies irresponsibly amassing huge user profiles, data breaches that seem out of control and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives.

"This problem is solvable—it isn’t too big, too challenging or too late. Innovation, breakthrough ideas and great features can go hand in hand with user privacy—and they must. Realizing technology’s potential ­depends on it."

That’s how Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, begins his essay on privacy, just right now published in Time Magazine.

"A California judge has ruled that American cops can’t force people to unlock a mobile phone with their face or finger. The ruling goes further to protect people’s private lives from government searches than any before and is being hailed as a potentially landmark decision."

That’s how Thomas Brewster, begins his coverage in an article just days ago in Forbes.

The need for both regulations and rights. It’s exactly the conversation I wanted to help kickstart in the RIGHT TO REMAIN PRIVATE video I posted last weekend. In the age of ubiquitous data harvesting, it’s one of the most important conversations all of us, here on this channel and out in the world, have to have.

I didn’t intend to follow that video up so closely with another. But I don’t every time get what I want.

And, in this case, it’s for a couple of damn good reasons.