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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Feb 4, 2019

* Kinda. It's complicated. Just hit play... Many years ago, longer than ago than most people would think, I heard that Apple was already experimenting with folding phones. It makes sense. They were experimenting with bigger phones back in the iPhone 4 days already, long before they shipped iPhone 6. It took that long until Apple was happy with the technology. Same with OLED in iPhone X. I imagine they’ve been experimenting with folding devices, off and on, for just as long. Maybe longer. Trying to figure out something that’s not just different but significantly better than what they can do without folding. And yeah, sure. Foldables aren’t new. Humanity has been folding things for… as long as we’ve had things to fold. Books are the classic of example. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve folded wallets, we’ve literally got things called folders, and we even fold up our clothing and our food. With electronics, we’ve been folding computers in half for decades — we call them laptops — video games since the Gameboy advanced, and our phones since the early days of cellular. Yeah, hello Moto. But this is about what comes next...