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Jan 6, 2020

CES — formerly known as the consumer electronics show — is kicking off this week in Las Vegas. On display and behind closed doors will be everything every manufacturer and store thinks we’re going to want to buy come the big holiday shopping season at the end of the year.

iMore, Windows Central, Android Central, Cord Cutters, MrMobile — all my colleagues are there covering it right now, so keep it locked to all their links-in-the-description for the best, worst, and just plain weirdest of the show.

Last year, I did a while video on what I thought was going to be the coolest new HomeKit… kit of the year. But, some of the stuff I was most looking forward to still seems MIA. So, rather than rinse and repeat that this year, especially in light of some recent announcements, I figured I should step back and take a bigger, more pictured look at where HomeKit is and where I think it needs to be in 2020.