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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Sep 12, 2019

So, the successor to last year’s breakout best-selling iPhone XR is… the iPhone 11. And I like this so much better. The iPhone — the normal iPhone, just the iPhone, not the Plus, not the anything else — has often hovered around the $649 price point. Even when the iPhone X launched, the same year, the also then brand new iPhone 8 kept the just the iPhone price at $699.

Last year, the just the iPhone somehow ended up being the XS, starting at $999, with the XR slotted underneath at $749. And it made some people super salty, and fueled this weird backlash narrative, that obviously didn’t stop the XR from being a best seller but might have had a chilling effect going forward.

This fixes that. $699 for the iPhone 11. Not the 11 R. Just the new normal.