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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Mar 20, 2019

macOS is old. Like NeXTStep old. Steve Jobs introduced it in 2001 and, updated it years until 2004, then every two years until 2012, and now, every year again, ever since. Presumably this year as well, with macOS 10.15… I don’t know… what’s the Mojave High Sierra or El Cap? Joshua Tree?

Whatever. As operating systems go, it’s beyond mature but it’s not entirely modern. Where Microsoft failed at mobile and was forced to bring Windows into the present, and Google never had a traditional operating system to split focus with Android… though they’ve managed to do that with ChromeOS all on their own.

Apple, though, is trying to drag both forward, struggling to make iOS more functional while making macOS more mainstream.

And, big surprise, I have some ideas on how Apple could do just that. Take macOS to the next level.