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Jan 10, 2020

Last year, I asked for three main things when it came to iPhone 11 photography: An ultra-wide camera, a Night Mode, and Portrait Video. And, yeah, to fix the weird skin tones and textures in Smart HDR.

We didn’t get Portrait Video but 3 out of 4 wasn’t just not bad, it was enough to convince all the doomsayers, boreds now, and must-skippers out there that the iPhone 11 and its cameras were far closer to must have.

You know, something anyone watching this channel had known long before they were even announced.

But time and expectations are relentless, and while it sounds like what we’re getting this year with the iPhone 12 will be the time-of-flight sensor and augmented reality camera — basically True Depth on the back — I’ve been hearing about and looking forward to seeing for a few years now, there are still lots of other things Apple could do to improve and round out iPhone photographer, even if it’s in years to come.