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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Aug 16, 2018

"Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero: The world’s most valuable company is seen as a champion for your data. It should be doing more."

Facebook is crashing, Google is back in hot water, but who does Bloomberg think we need to worry about? Who do we — I mean they — desperately need to get into as attention-grabbing...

Aug 15, 2018

Software developer Leah Culver talks about her passion for program languages and co-founding Breaker — A podcast listening app that's focused on discovery and social sharing tools.


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Aug 13, 2018

You have questions, I have answers!

  1. Could you go iOS only?
  2. What's the next big thing from Apple?
  3. Which movie Batman win?
  4. Does Apple's R&D budget matter?
  5. 20th Century Fox being bought good or... Age of Disney bad?
  6. Would you ever do a product startup?


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Aug 10, 2018

Today’s show all about what iPhone X Plus could learn from Galaxy Note 9.

Yeah, you read that right. Apple has made the iPhone Plus line its own with features like multi-column layouts in landscape mode. But that was then, this is now, and there are features Samsung has thrown against the wall and... had them stick...

Aug 9, 2018

Buh-bye Facebook. Buh-bye Snapchat. Buh-by Pokémon Go…

What, I’m not supposed to force quit a bunch of apps, I’m just supposed to let the system manage all that? Well, yes and no.

Whether you’re not getting the battery life you should or you just want to get MAXIMUM EFFORT out of your phone, people are...