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Nov 28, 2018

AirPower was announced alongside the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X at Apple’s September event… in 2017. It was a preview, not a release, and Apple said it would only be available in 2018. Since then, the iPhone X has come and gone and another September event along with it. Now it’s November 2018 — late November — and AirPower is still nowhere to be found.

Apple has launched products in December before. AirPods, of course, in 2016, and the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s in 2015. But it’s certainly not the norm. HomePod, which was announced at WWDC in June of 2017 as coming later that year, then delayed early February 2018 after AirPlay 2 proved more challenging to nail down than initially expected.

If a December launch isn’t in the cards for AirPower, and the lack of noise leading up to the last month of the year makes that seem increasingly likely, than early next year, be it February or March is the next likely window.

So, what's going on?