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Vector with Rene Ritchie

Jan 17, 2019

iOS is no longer the simple, mainstream operating system Steve Jobs first showed off in January of 2007 with the original iPhone.

But, it’s also not yet the sophisticated, pro-centric operating system geeks have been lusting for since Steve Jobs first showed it off again in January of 2010 on the original iPad.


Jan 14, 2019

I’m going to use this video to propose something so controversial I’m not even sure I fully agree with it, at least not yet. This is complex, nuanced, life, death, and the future of our society stuff, and the absolute last thing I’m going to do is take any of it lightly.

Instead, I’m going to take several things...

Jan 8, 2019

If you like Apple products or you’re simply a proper tech head who delights in everything cool and novel, then the minute that big ball drops on New Year, you start thinking about just which products exactly Apple is getting ready to drop in the New Year. Some things was can all but take for granted — new...

Jan 7, 2019

Here’s a question: Will Samsung phones get AirPlay 2 now as well?

About a month ago I got to go to New York and preview a bunch of HomeKit accessories scheduled to be announced at CES 2019.

Since CES 2019 is just kicking off, and not all of the embargoes have dropped, I'll add updates to a sticky comment as they...

Jan 6, 2019

Here’s a question: Will Samsung phones get AirPlay 2 now as well?

Now, all of this may come as a bit of a surprise. But it shouldn’t really. Apple is getting ready to ramp up its original TV content. The video version of Apple Music. And Apple Music has always been available on Android and has recently been...