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May 28, 2019

For years, Apple made some of the best — and most expensive — displays in the business. Not only did they have great design and terrific panels, they had those Apple logos right up front for people who wanted that look and that experience beyond an iMac — for their Mac Pros to MacBook Pros as well. We got generations of Cinema Displays, LED Displays… Thunderbolt Displays

But then, just a few years ago, Apple went and stopped making them. From hero to zero, something to nothing in one Thanos snap flat. There were rumors — there are always rumors — of a 4K display that Apple was working on but never shipped. But for an agonizingly long period of time, measured in pro-user angst years, Apple just didn’t offer anything for anyone who didn’t want an all-in one.

Until now. Or, well, soon at least. It’s complicated.

So MKBHD, Marques Brownlee was kind enough to share with us what he wants to see, and then I break it all down.