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Dec 24, 2019

The Apple Watch is different. There’s no Air version or Pro version. No mini and no Max. Not really. You don’t spec one based on storage size or memory size, number of cameras or cores. There are simply two display sizes, small and large, and a variety of different materials, from aluminum to ceramic, steel to titanium. And, if an Apple Watch Series 5 is just too much for you, there’s an Apple Watch Series 3 to get you started.

So, you choose your size, you choose your material, and then you’re off and pairing with your bands. Right? Well, yeah, but there’s still a lot to unpack even in those simple sounding choices.

So, whether you’re still waiting to pick up your first or next Apple Watch, or you’ve just gotten a new one and you’re wondering if you should exchange it for a different model, let’s just break it all down.


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