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Jun 25, 2019

macOS Catalina is bringing with it a feature set that edges on the audacious.

Catalyst aims to let the vast catalog of iPad apps move more easily to the Mac, while SwiftUI teases a future where developers can build them that way to begin with.

iTunes, venerable and beyond bloated, is being shattered into new Music, Podcast, and TV apps, with updated Books and even Finger functionality to round them out.

There’s a new, more salient Photos app, Mail that’s more zen, Notes that are easier to find, QuickTime for pros, all new, all powerful Reminders and a far more omniscient Find My app, plus Screen Time comes to Mac to help you balance it all.

Sidecar lets you use your iPad as an external display to mirror or extend your desktop. Or, grab an Apple Pencil and use it with tablet-enabled Mac apps in a way that just might make any of the smaller Wacoms weep.

Security and Privacy are getting an even more vigilant Gatekeeper, a read-only system volume, extensions and drivers ripped out of kernel space, and Sign in with Apple.

And Accessibility is showing all of that up not just with better VoiceOver, color filters, and new zooms, but with full-on, Bene Gesserit-level Voice Control.

Here's not just what it all does but how it all works!