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Mar 29, 2019

The last time Apple introduced a new iPad Air was 2014. Since then, there have been iPad Pros with more premium features and price tags, and even a resurrected original Air with the lowest entry-level price ever. But as the Pros got more expensive and the base model less, there’s been nothing but a widening gulf in-between those two extremes. Until now.

So, with the 2019 iPad Air 3 and the almost identically specced iPad mini 5, Apple hasn’t just launched new iPads — they’ve added a new midrange tier to the lineup, something with many of the Pro features but without the pro price.

I spent some time chatting with Apple about the new iPad Air 3 in New York City last week and picked one up one for review while in Cupertino for the Show Time event.

But, I wanted to do a wider, more complete, more in-context review for the Air as well.

So, I took it up, up, and away into the air. Literally.

I scored an upgrade on my flight home, headed to the airport, jumped into one of the wacky s-shaped pod seats, and got to work finding out what this new 10.5-inch Air is really all about.