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Dec 2, 2019

Just over a year ago, Apple announced the all new iPad Pro. Gone was the Home button and Touch ID, and the Lightning port. Thanos-snapped were half the bezels. In their place was a TrueDepth camera and Face ID, and a USB-C Port. All wrapped up in a modern, retro design.

It was controversial at first because all that A12X power and Liquid Retina grace just felt so underserved by the iOS 12 feature set it shipped with.

That was 2018. This is 2019. And, while the atoms have gone without an upgrade the bits have finally started coming into their own with iPadOS, an offshoot of iOS 13.

We’ve even seen some discounts, a hundred or a couple bucks off the top, as we head into the holidays.

So, have we gone from super high priced to slightly more affordable? More importantly, have we gone from bleeding-edge hardware limited by software to outdated hardware made functional at longest last? Or, have we finally found the perfect balance, at least until the next update?

Let’s figure it out.