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Oct 29, 2019

Go to and help #TeamTrees plant 20 million trees!

In 2011, just months before he died, Steve Jobs appeared before the Cupertino City Council to pitch Apple Campus 2.

The land had once been an apricot orchard and, while Jobs had plans for a spaceship-shaped office building the likes of which this world had never seen before, he also had plans to bring back at least some of that orchard.

To make the new campus decidedly Apple but also to make it… a park.

That means they needed trees, some native and fully grown, others more diverse, to better withstand the changing climate, the hotter summers, the cooler winters.

It took half a decade to get everything in place but, by 2016, Apple had their park. Apple Park. And over 8000 new trees in and around it.

Now, MrBeast and the largest YouTube collaboration is history are trying to plant just a few more. 20 million more, to put a ridiculously large number on it.

It’s the #TeamTrees project and, to help do this channel’s part, I’m putting the iPhone 11 up against the Pixel 4 in a camera-to-camera video shootout, right in the middle of all these trees.