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Feb 27, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Flip is the original iPhone of foldables. That’s what some people have been saying and… ah… I mean I get it. Well, first, no, it totally isn’t. But I get it. I get the allure of of flipping phones. I’ve done umpteen videos about them. Hit subscribe and you can see all of them.

They’re new. They're fun. They’re different. At least so far, because there are only a few of them out right now. In a few years, I expect there won’t just be many but generations of many, so they won’t be so new or so different anymore, but they’ll still be fun, and they’ll still be welcome by people who want a big screen that isn’t so big in their pocket or bag.

But the concept itself is still super intriguing to me. The iPhone of flip phones. To get to that, to be that — the iPhone Flip — what exactly would it take?