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Jun 26, 2019

I’ve been wanting to do a video about what my dream iPhone would be for a while now. You know, if I got to be or work with Jony or Phil Schiller, or Joz for a cycle and do everything I’ve always wanted to do with and for the iPhone.

Now, I’ve done videos before about this and that hardware feature I’d like to see Apple grab from other manufacturers and bring over to the iPhone, and MKBHD just did a video on what his dream phone in general would be cobbled together from all the different manufacturers.

But, for this, I kinda want to do the opposite. Instead of looking out or going out, I want to turn in. I want to try to come up with what I think would be the ultimate expression of the iPhone by Apple.

And hey, if you like the idea and want to see me try and do the same with Samsung’s Galaxy, Google’s Pixel, Huawei’s P-series, or any other phone, let me know in the comments.