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Nov 25, 2019

When I first got sent the 'Why Are Apple Products So Expensive' video, before I even hit play, I guessed that the entirety of it was going to come down to Bill of Materials + Apple Tax x Sheep = PROFIT!

I hoped for more. A deep dive into Apple margins over time and how they compared to the rest of the industry. A breakdown of price vs. value, where the up-front dollars were measured out over the total cost of ownership. And of how exactly Apple was providing the kind of value people were willing to pay premium prices for again and again..

But, yeah, all I got was Bill of Materials + Apple Tax x Sheep = PROFIT exclamation mark, exclamation mark, number 1.

Which is… just such a tired, trite, old, lazy, rehashed, cliched take on why Apple’s products are legitimately more expensive than others.

So, let’s do that now.


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