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Dec 23, 2019

I’ve been using the 16-inch MacBook Pro since Apple announced them roughly one month ago this week. In that time, I’ve also significantly updated how I make these videos. Not only have I re-arranged that wall behind me so I have more room to store all the gear I’ve gone back to, but I’ve upgraded the lighting as well, so it’s more balanced and flexible.

I switched from the Panasonic GH-5 to the Canon C200 a while ago and I’ve recently started shooting in c-long, which provides slightly more dynamic range but requires color grading to go from flat to phat. Even flirting with RAW lite, which has all the dynamic range but requires far more in terms of resources to process.

That’s where the 16-inch MacBook Pro comes in. Yeah, not the new Mac Pro. I looked. I longed. I FOMO YOLO’d. But, in the cold hard light of workloads and budgets, I ended up sticking with the 16-inch MacBook Pro.


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