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May 31, 2019

About 3 months ago, just before Apple’s March 2019 event, I put together a list of YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters, journalists, and analysts who were worth following for their takes on the show. I did it because, after having been a blogger and podcaster, and now trying this whole YouTube thing, I realized most of us don’t know each other well if at all, and I wanted to try and change that.

Now, just a week away from Apple’s 30th annual World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC 2019, I’m updating and expanding the list. Now, a lot of names are the same, everyone from iJustine to MKBHD, John Gruber to Lory Gil, Christina Warren to Jason Snell, Joanna Stern to Matthew Panzarino, Neil Cybart to Carolina Milanesi. They’re all going to knock it out the Apple Park. But, instead of repeating them all here, I’m just going to link to that first video in the description, and highlight a few specific to WWDC so you can get your baseline follow on.

Then, because this is Apple’s big software event, I’m going to add a few new sections and a bunch of new names, including some of the more public facing Apple folks, as well as the developers, designers, and members of the industry and media that always provide me with extra insight at and around WWDC.